Door Entry

AD Security specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of Door Entry Systems. These can be either Video or Audio and vary from large digital systems to small functional systems down to 1 to 1 basic systems. With our vast knowledge and experience, you can be sure we will select the appropriate solution for your requirements. If you would like to discuss your options with our Design and installations team, feel free to contact us.

1-to-1 Systems

1 to 1 systems are mainly used on individual dwellings to assist the elderly or disabled. These are very basic systems but at fairly low cost, they are perfect for assisting individual properties and residents with their extra needs.

Functional Systems

Functional systems are very common in small blocks of flats or small offices. These systems have individual buttons on the entrance panel to call each handset and usually go up to a maximum of 12 dwellings. There are different types of functional systems but at AD Security, we always recommend a fully isolated system be installed. This means that if one handset develops a problem, the rest of the system can continue working. If the system is not isolated, individual problems can affect the whole system causing disruption to everyone!

Digital Systems

Digital systems are used for larger sites such as tower blocks, large office blocks or gated perimeter systems that lead to smaller blocks. These systems are usually for sites with 13 dwellings or more and can be designed to suit each application based on the client’s requirements.


At AD Security, we are prompt, efficient and place great emphasis on customer care because meeting the customer’s needs are of paramount importance to us.